Share Event History

Offer in Brief

Price per share: Ten (10) percent discount compared to the volume-weighted price of the company's share during the application period
Minimum investment: 150 shares, then in even items of 10 shares
Size of the offer: A maximum of 750,000 shares, however, a maximum corresponding to approximately SEK 26.5 million

Full terms and conditions for the offer are available in the information memorandum.

Background and Motifs

SDS is a Swedish software company that offers its customers a comprehensive solution for digital sales, distribution and processing of electronic transactions that are built into the customer’s IT infrastructure and processes. SDS has approximately 30 years of experience in delivering systems for large-scale distribution and sales, primarily in developing markets.

Since SDS was listed on Nasdaq First North Premier in 2017, the Company has enjoyed fine organic growth that has also been supplemented with an acquisition strategy that has been formulated during the listing period. The Company’s acquisition strategy focuses on acquiring companies that complement the Company geographically and / or the offers that SDS offers. During the time as a listed company, SDS has acquired the software company eServGlobal, which complements SDS ‘operations geographically. Seamless Digital Distribution has also been acquired, which gives SDS its own distribution operations in the Nordic markets.

The acquisitions have developed above the Company’s expectations with realized synergies on both the revenue and cost side, which are expected to be fully achieved during the fourth quarter of 2020. In addition, organic growth has focused on establishing the Company in new markets, increasing the share of recurring revenue and using new technology ensure that the Company is at the forefront.

In order to increase the market’s knowledge of the Company and to increase the liquidity of the share, the Company’s Board of Directors has decided that through the Offer. The Company’s assessment is that the market will also continue to be consolidated, a consolidation of which the Company wishes to be an active part, and a strengthened financial position gives the Company opportunities to continue the successful acquisition strategy and to increase the pace of innovation.

Indicative schedule

Registration period: September 17 to and September 29, 2020
Publication of results: October 1, 2020
Allocation information: ctober 1, 2020
Deadline: October 5, 2020

Documentation and links

Information memorandum
Interview with CEO Tommy Eriksson
Registration for the subscription of shares with Avanza

Press releases

September 30, 2020 - Spridningsemissionen i SDS kraftigt övertecknad - tillförs cirka 26,5 MSEK samt cirka 4 500 nya aktieägare
September 16, 2020 – Styrelsen för SDS beslutar om spridningsemission