Why Invest

Why Seamless Distribution Systems

Investing in SDS opens your access to emerging markets and leading operating companies in regions like Africa, Asia and the Middle East, especially since our customer base includes large operator groups such as Vodafone, Orange, MTN and Telenor.

By investing in SDS, you will be part of a company that has a world-leading technology in the field, contributes to billions of transactions in developing countries worldwide and spearheads sustainable development through the digitization of telecom sales and distribution.

Seamless: Who We Are

Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) is a global technology leader in fintech, delivering end-to-end software platforms for electronic transactions and digitalization of the supply chain of Mobile Network Operator's services. SDS consistently delivers process efficiency and operational excellence, with 30+ years of experience and closeness to customers.

At Seamless, innovation is an ongoing process that is part of our inherent culture. We have a superior suite of data-driven solutions that provide transparency, capture, and analyze integrated data and allow our customers to leverage and optimize capabilities.

Seamless aims to enable enterprises to track, process and monetize digital value through modern and user-friendly solutions designed to increase market insight, competitiveness and cost efficiency

Our global team is spread across 14 offices with highly qualified professionals in the areas of telecom sales and distribution and systems integration. To ensure a localized experience and quick turnaround time, sales and support are in close geographical proximity to the customers.


years of experience in digitization of services


transactions processed every year


countries-wide global footprint


active resellers per month


users served globally

Growth Journey

Our Large Adressable Market

We have grown with our customers into new markets and the future growth potential is projected to be around 10-15%. Since our first deal with the MTN Group in Congo in 2007, SDS has grown at scale with the customer to partner with them in 18 new markets.

Our intuitive digital distribution, financial services and growth solutions continue to create immense value for customers while enabling them to drive profitable growth and reach unmatched levels of operational efficiency in a market where 41 billion digital transactions are processed/year.

Our financial technology and digital distribution management business leverages 30+ years of technology and expertise as it seeks to transform the over $300 billion industry.



Our Strategy

SDS has a clear strategy to not only grow organically with its customers, but also to grow through acquisitions. In recent years, SDS has carried out three acquisitions, all of which have contributed to the group's profitability and technological development.

Since being listed on Nasdaq in 2017, SDS has experienced sales growth of 40% on average per year, and EBITDA compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 61%. Our strategy is to continue that growth journey and make financial and technological services more accessible and affordable for people in developing regions.


We empower customers with the right tools that fit their novel business needs and conduct a thorough analysis of their pain points, needs, available resources and expectations to create true value through our robust solutions.


We strive to foster a growth mindset and are constantly reinventing ways to improve how our customers create and transfer value across their distribution channels to enable them to consistently obtain profitable growth.


We simplify and prioritize customer experiences to accelerate the shift from traditional to digital in supply and distribution all while optimizing cost structures to continue to hold our position as innovators and thought leaders.

Competitive Advantage

Championing innovation to maintain our standard excellence

Proven and Best in Class Technology:

  • Among the first to transition to Microservices Architecture and Cloud Computing
  • Experience in developing and delivering complex systems
  • Exceptional system stability and scalability 

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

  • Reduction of business operation cost through digitization of the entire value chain
  • Support multiple digital channels for distribution of digital and physical products
  • Superior support service with 24/7 system monitoring remotely

Better Control and Visibility:

  • Provides end to end visibility and traceability of transactions flow
  • Control of fraud and financial leakage 
  • Watertight information security protocols

Enhanced Customer Experience and Satisfaction:

  • Enhanced customer engagement leading to brand loyalty
  • Agility in responding to customer needs
  • Work closely with customers to address new opportunities and threats

Investment Thesis

Future growth potential

Average sales growth per year

Average performance growth per year