Executive Leadership

Eddy Cojulun Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Born: 1970
CEO in SDS since 2023
Shareholding in SDS: 394 162 shares

Eddy has more than 25 years of experience in technology and telecom, including as an entrepreneur who has started, built, and sold telecommunications-focused software companies, one of which was ICON Americas, sold to Ericsson in 2015. Eddy has also served as the CIO at Telefonica in El Salvador, as well as having global responsibility for sales and delivery of IT software development at Ericsson. In recent years, Eddy has worked as a sales manager at Envirotainer until the company was successfully sold to new owners after a period of strong growth.

Martin Schedin Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Born: 1973
CFO in SDS since 2018
Education: MBA, Södertörn University
Shareholding in SDS: 112 748 shares
Option holding: 0

Martin has over two decades of experience from demanding financial roles and between 2015 and 2016, when SDS was part of the Seamless Invuo Group, he was the CFO of the SDS through Meritmind AB. For the past three years, Martin has been CFO of the entire SDS Group and is also a partner and board member of Schedin Consulting AB.

Sandipan Mukherjee Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Born: 1976
CTO in SDS since 2018
Education: BSc Economics, University of Kolkata
Shareholding in SDS: 19,127 shares
Option holdings: 0

Sandipan has a wide background in software development and service delivery in various roles at IBM and Roamware, among others. He has previously been the Head of Product Operations at Qliro AB (publ). Within SDS, Sandipan has, among several other things, worked with global support and as Operations Manager before he took over the role of COO at SDS Group.

Olivier Moisse Chief Product & Strategy (CPO)

Born: 1989
CPO at SDS since 2022
Education: Master in Business Engineering, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
Shareholding in SDS: 25 750
Option holding: 0

Olivier has been working in telecom digitalization for the last 10 years playing various roles in operation and product management. He is now Riaktr's CEO and Seamless Chief Product and Strategy as well as a board member of CREE ASBL. 

Tommy Eriksson Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Born: 1961
COO in SDS since 2022
Education: MSc in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University.
Shareholding in SDS: 279 266 shares

Tommy has extensive international experience in the IT and telecom industry. Tommy served as the CEO in SDS between 2014 and 2021. Currently, Tommy holds board positions within the Naviq group.